Project Description

Grays Creek 115kV Breaker Station & Substation

Project Scope:

The purpose of this project was to replace the existing 115kV delivery point single bay breaker station with a new four-bay 115kV breaker station and distribution substation.  There is one outgoing transmission circuit and one 115kV circuit feeds the adjacent distribution substation.  The Distribution substation was constructed with a single power transformer and eight distribution circuits in a circuit regulation configuration.  Scope of work also included all high-side protective relaying and associated equipment.  Construction was coordinated in a way to allow for continued transmission service from the existing 115kV structure until the new structure was commissioned.

Project Details

Project Completion:


Project Location:

Hope Mills, NC

Project Description:

Four Bay 115kV Breaker Station Structure, and Eight Bay, Circuit Regulated Distribution Substation



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