Project Description

NCDOT Monroe By-Pass Transmission and Distribution Line Relocation

Project Scope:

This project included the relocation of various configurations of 12.47kV Distribution, ranging from triple circuit three phase construction to single phase lines and service taps.  The project required close coordination with the NCDOT, Cooperative, and the design build team over the road construction.  Various duties performed on the project included the design of multiple steel distribution structures over major highway crossings, specification of materials to be used, field staking, surveying, handling of all RUS 830 contracts and associated documents, and reconciliation of the overall project for closeout documents. This project also involved the construction of 1.0 mile of 100kV Transmission Line on steel structures, and the removal of approximately 0.75 mile of 100kV Transmission Line on concrete structures.  The majority of the transmission line and distribution lines were constructed in newly acquired permanent utility easements and right of way based on the relocation plans.

Project Details

Project Completion:


Project Location:

Monroe, NC

Pole Type:

Steel Transmission Poles and Steel & Wood Distribution Poles

Line Length:

+/- 4.0 Miles

Project Description:

Single Circuit 100kV Transmission Line, and Single, Double & Triple Circuit 12.47kV Distribution


Transmission & Distribution

Project Gallery

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