ECE offers engineering services related to the design and project management for power transmission and distribution lines in voltage classes of 230kV and below. ECE has experience in working on transmission and distribution projects with wood, steel, and concrete monopole structures as well as two and three pole structures and lattice towers. We offer the following services with respect to Transmission and Distribution Line design:

  • Project design utilizing PLS-CADD™, PLS-POLE™, CAISSON, and SAG-10™
  • Prepare in-depth line design to meet NESC and/or RUS requirements as well as customer specifications
  • Prepare construction/design packages with plan & profile drawings, staking sheets, structure drawings, material list, and sag and tension charts as required by client and per RUS standards
  • Prepare documents for the bidding process to facilitate line construction
  • Conduct site inspections during and following construction
  • Prepare As-built drawings
  • Design lines with OPGW for system communications
  • Design transmission lines with distribution underbuild

ECE provides siting services for Power Utility Clients including but not limited to:

  • Environmental reports/permitting to satisfy the requirements of Federal, State and Local Governments
  • Feasibility studies for proposed routes of transmission and distribution lines
  • Engineering surveys to map topography for transmission line routes and substation sites
  • Site transmission line route
  • Visual impact analysis to illustrate the visual impact of a transmission or distribution line
  • Conduct Wetland delineation with the help and oversight of experienced environmental consultants
  • Site and soil inspection to ensure proper placement of substations and transmission lines

ECE also offers RUS Distribution Spec Books in a small, convenient hand-held size or 8 ½” x 11”.  These books include all overhead and underground distribution assembly drawings with material lists and are a great reference tool for operations crew members.  To order books, please either call us or send an email to

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