ECE has experienced professionals using the latest technology to meet your needs. We offer the following field services:

  • Provide work order inspections, with the necessary RUS forms reviewed, and signed/sealed by an in-house Professional Engineer
  • Provide in depth siting information for property, GIS data, and environmental reports
  • Engineering surveys to map topography for transmission line routes and substation sites

ECE provides siting services for Power Utility Clients including but not limited to:

  • Environmental reports/permitting to satisfy the requirements of Federal, State and Local Governments
  • Feasibility studies for proposed routes of transmission and distribution lines
  • Survey/Stake transmission and distribution line routes, as well as substation layouts
  • Visual impact analysis to illustrate the visual impact of a transmission or distribution line
  • Conduct Wetland delineation with the help and oversight of experienced environmental consultants
  • Site and soil inspection to ensure proper placement of substations and transmission lines

*ECE is licensed to provide Professional Land Surveying services in North Carolina and South Carolina. Professional Land Surveying services are offered out of our Rock Hill, SC office.