ECE offers engineering services related to Protection and Coordination including power system protection schemes from 230kV to distribution voltage, as well as distributed generation interconnection protection and generator protection schemes. ECE has experience in designing relay panels, performing fault current calculations, coordination studies and programming protection systems equipment. ECE offers protection and coordination services related to new projects, and modifications to existing protection installations by means of adding new protection aspects, upgrading, or updating existing protection devices.

ECE can also conduct transmission and distribution system Sectionalizing Studies. An accurate Sectionalizing Study is key to limiting outages in terms of occurrence and lengths. ECE can tailor the scope of a Sectionalizing Study to analyze exactly what is needed with an ability to review protection and coordination from transmission down through distribution fusing.  Sectionalizing Studies are executed by evaluating existing device ratings and placement, system layout, available fault currents by way of system impedances and coordination of devices.

ECE can help analyze the impacts that an interconnection will have on a power system and provide a full impact study report.  By analyzing the effects of the interconnection of the distributed generation, we are able to make recommendations to utility clients regarding any necessary system improvements to facilitate the connection.  We can then, as necessary, provide protective settings for interconnection switching equipment.

ECE also offers generator protection services.  With experience in aiding industrial and commercial clients in protecting on-site generators as well as develop settings and schemes for intertie protective devices for utility interconnection.